Our Business

We specialize in international business and technology evaluation in the biomedical field, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and green energy. In the biomedical arena we are especially interested in genomics and next generation sequencing opportunities.

We have maintained valuable relationships with highly respected analysts, investment bankers, lawyers, venture capitalists and private equity portfolio managers. These relationships allow us to access key players in the global investment community.

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals in key cities around the globe, who want to work with us. If you believe you are knowledgeable in the above-mentioned sectors, have excellent communication skills and want to participate in interesting technology, then contact us.

Who We Are

Genautica was formed by a group of investors, senior scientists, technologists and business professionals dedicated to identifying, funding and capturing value in the rapidly expanding field of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), genomics and biotechnology in general.
We also have investments in Investment Funds and in the Merchant Cash Advance Business.

Our Dealbook

Genautica has assembled a superb collection of business opportunities and deals. Funding is provided partially by ourselves or our partners.