Genautica Team Members and Collaborators

Stefan Gruenwald

Managing Partner

Dr. Stefan Gruenwald's career in Life Sciences spans more than two decades. He is the Founder of Corporate Governance Partners (, co-founder, seed investor and Chief Technology Officer of Diagnomics (, co-founder and chair of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at the DNA SEQ Alliance (, as well as Managing Partner at Genautica with over 20 years experience in the biotech industry in San Diego, CA. Dr. Gruenwald was the VP or R&D at PharMingen (91-97) and the VP R&D at Becton Dickinson (98-99). Later he was the founder of Orbigen (00-04) and involved in several merger / acquisitions. Academic degree: MD / PhD, his thesis earned "summa cum laude" and was elected as the "Best Thesis of the Year". He won the "Friends of Paul Ehrlich" Award.

Dr. Gruenwald is involved in technology scouting and evaluation for over 15 years. Partner in Venture Capital Private Equity Fund of Funds (Archimedes). Fluent in English and German. Studied Human Medicine, Biology and Physics at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt / Germany. Broad scientific knowledge in many disciplines, including Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

Specialties: Biotechnology management, start-up company management, Fortune 100 company management, mergers and aquisitions, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Funds of Funds, International contacts, Russia, China. Nanotechnology Investment.


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