Genautica Team Members and Collaborators

Dan Scholefield

Managing Partner

Mr. Scholefield serves as a trustee managing several private family office operations with a tenure that spans over 20 years; he is also a principal at Three Layer Capital. He brings an experience level and successful investment track record that includes leading due diligence efforts, closing deals and managing investment ventures in various technologies, including biotech, oil and gas, real estate, as well as equity markets, PIPE transations, and derivatives. Mr. Scholefield and Dr. Stefan Gruenwald co-founded Genautica LLC, as a holding company to identify, invest in, incubate and integrate ready-for-market technologies in biotech, oil and gas. Genautica's first substantial investment was into Diagnomics, which Mr. Scholefield co-founded and for which he arranged primary seed capital. Mr. Scholefield holds a degree in mechanical aerospace engineering from the University of Utah.