Genautica Team Members and Collaborators

Phil Bell

In addition to serving as President and CEO of EPI, Phil is also a Managing Member of Temblor Petroleum, LLC, a partnership that is developing several oil fields β€” including heavy oil β€” in California.

After graduating from Duke University, Phil spent the first 16 years of his career at General Electric (GE), starting in their financial training program and progressing through numerous senior CFO positions throughout the world. His most recent position was CFO of GE Power Systems – Asia (now GE Energy), based in Hong Kong, a $1.8 billion revenue business. Prior to this position, he was CFO of GE Gas Turbine, also $1.8 billion in revenue. After leaving GE, Phil helped found ICG Commerce, a procurement services firm. He then joined FNX Solutions, a software company for capital markets trading, where he was CFO and then President. His most recent position was as CFO for Kaz, Inc, a $400 million consumer medical products company.

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